A Little Winter Village

And a happy winter to you Internet!
I thought I’d share a little fun project that celebrates the season. Personally I’m a fan of winter. Clouds, drizzles, wind, fluffy jackets… awesome. Not everyone agrees however.

Added Thursday, December, 29th, 2011
A Note on Kleenex Technology, and Facebook

Well… heck. I was hoping I’d be able to get some super-awesome-fun-time stuff posted this week, but hoard of sneezes and sniffles decided to invade my nose and leave me incapacitated.  It’s all I can do to wiggle my fingers on the keyboard and hope that these letter shaped squiggles end up making words.



Added Friday, December, 16th, 2011
Cardboard Caricature Guitar #1

For the past few months I’ve been working on a not exactly secret, let’s just say “under publicized” project, which I am admittedly a little excited to finally get to share. As many of you are probably aware, I have a thing for working with cardboard. Why, because it’s cheap? Because it’s everywhere? Because cats love to battle it? Who knows.



Added Tuesday, December, 6th, 2011
Bogey Stencil

While experimenting with stencils I have limited myself to two layers for the most part. I could put an artsy spin on it and make it sound like I’m doing that because “the strict limitation of two tones allow the pure shape to be brought forth without the obscuring of color”. That sounds pretty good right? The truth is, more layers is hard! Since I am still experimenting with my method everything is done by eye and by hand, lining up each layer (…)

Added Saturday, December, 3rd, 2011
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