Video Work

A simple sampling of past directing work.




Added Wednesday, August, 28th, 2013

Work has been slow, so I decided to distract myself with a little absurdity and a little doodling. I’ve been playing around with a new drawing style recently, it’s a weird combo of pencil sketch, photo armature reference, and Photoshop painting. (…)

Added Thursday, July, 19th, 2012
Video Monolith

Alright folks, break out your glasses, this one might have a few pictures.


For this short film the director had a scene that required a large wall of television screens, described as a video monolith. The character needed to stand in front of this monolith as different images flickered across the screens, and changed according to different cues. Initially we explored the idea of doing this with practical screens. If you know anything about me, I am all about the practical, as little that happens outside the camera (…)

Added Tuesday, May, 8th, 2012
The Second Largest Book You’ll See Today

The largest book you’ll see today is this one. And no, I don’t plan on reading it.


As an artistic sort of fellow, I tend to judge books by their cover. I have a whole collection of books in fact kept solely for their titles. They come in handy as props, and when dressing sets I like to pair book titles that compliment or (…)

Added Friday, April, 6th, 2012
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